What a Beautiful Journey it has been

What a Beautiful Journey It Has Been!

Life is a journey that begins long before we get to know ourselves. Though our physical life began at conception, our spiritual life began earlier. The Lord, speaking to Jeremiah the prophet said, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you (Jeremiah 1:5).” Your birth was not a coincidence, but the result of the Creator’s master plan. After carefully examining my life, I have discovered the following.

  1. The Lord has a plan for you, and it is good. He said in Jeremiah 29:10, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” I do not know where you are on your journey. What I do know is, “The Lord started your journey and will complete it as planned.” He has the best in mind for you.
  2. Sometimes, we take a longer route to our destination. The Lord had a plan for the Israelites before they left Egypt. According to the Scripture, the direct travel from Egypt to Canaan would have taken them less than two weeks (Deuteronomy 1:2). However, it took the Israelites 40 years. Why? One, it was the Lord’s punishment for their continuous grumbling, unbelief, and unfaithfulness (Numbers 14: 1-35). Every decision we make, and action we take is a turn on our journey and sometimes we repeatedly take the wrong turn. We should prayerfully consider our decisions because we will live with the consequences. Two, God took them via a longer route to teach them and prepare them for their destination. Most of the Israelites who left Egypt as adults died before they entered the promised land. They were the ones who saw themselves as grasshoppers and their enemies as giants. Such a mindset discourages you from taking the first step toward your promise land. The Lord wanted only those who, despite their size or age, would trust Him to give them the victory and fulfill his promise.
  3. There are challenges you will have to face and overcome on your journey. Some of these challenges might be natural to our circumstance, while others might be the actions of man. The Israelites faced some natural challenges on the way to the promised land. They had to travel through difficult weather conditions at times. They had to travel through hilly and rocky terrains. However, they also had to face those who occupied the land. Likewise, on your journey, you will face the natural challenges of life. The tree cannot expect to enjoy the sunshine and rain all the time without experiencing difficult weather conditions sometimes. Like the Israelites, you will also face challenges from people you will meet on your journey.
  4. No matter how long the route to your destination or difficult your journey, the Lord remains faithful to you and take you to your destination if you trust him. The Israelites traveled through harsh terrains for 40 years. Yet, their clothes and scandals didn’t wear out (Deuteronomy 29:5). He was faithful to the Israelites through the wilderness and to the promised land. He will do the same for you.


Someday you will look back at your journey and recognize you have had a beautiful journey, despite the “ups and downs.” Don’t give up on you, because the Lord has not given up on you.

We have started a new year by His grace. This new year may be another turn on our journey. I pray you hold fast to His steady and powerful arm to guide you through the year. He is your shepherd and will lead you to green pastures and calm waters along the way. Have a fruitful and rewarding year.


In Jesus’ love, until He comes,

Rev. Galakpai Jones

Senior Pastor, Bethel Robbinsdale



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